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been around off and on since the dofus days and while i havent finished any of the storylines i love the game play and as long as i can have fun and help ppl out im happy ^.^ 
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Amy Kuro Osamodas Lvl 59 Nox
Durandul Masqueraider Lvl 47 Nox
Communitea Eliotrope Lvl 3 Remington

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if anyone has some cuttings i just need one of each and ill repopulate the area T_T i cant even find any bags of ppl selling them i got the kamas! seriously i know im still pretty noob but im so proud to have gotten this far and now i cant find what i need to keep lvling up TT_TT  any help would be muchly appreciated 


after 2 hours of shuffling thru ppl's haven bags (and waaay too much looking around) i found one selling an almost complete roaster of cuttings for lvl 0 to like 120...