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Ecaflip Lvl 199 Brutas

Activity on the dofustouch Forum

By [Flatops] - 2018-01-31 14:00:00 in News
34 3789
In Brutas case, another problem is in the market, players should not be allowed to drop prices of items and resources, there should be a tool that can help to restrain this type of actions
By [Flatops] - 2018-01-09 12:30:00 in News
4 948
Ankama should give it a try to 3d plataforms, i think they could make an awesome 3d animated style game and if it is an online mrpg it could become viral for sure.
10 994
Hi, from the begining they said Dofus Touch and Dofus PC are two different games, this means they're not intending to catch up with the content on Dofus PC at the present moment.