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Darkaii Ecaflip Lvl 114 Remington
Grâce Éternelle Iop Lvl 81 Remington
Panda-Nonne Pandawa Lvl 81 Remington
Hell Mint Huppermage Lvl 6 Remington
Forbidden Wings Eniripsa Lvl 6 Remington

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Hello everyone, I've been around this place for quite a few years now.
Playing, and replaying Island of Wakfu for fun, and to fully integrate myself in this mystical world as time passes.

Some of you might already know this, but the for the record, you can no longer link your Ankama account with the XBox-gamer-tag...

In other words, you cannot gain any reward with the cross-platform link.

So while trying to find a way to bypass this problem (and foolish was I to think I could), I discovered something...
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Hello everyone,

Before I light up the fire, please know that this isn't a hate message, or that I want to reduce the somehow reputations of any organism or company...
This is just me talking about what I think on Island of Wakfu as of today.
This might sound rude and unorganized, considering that I am still learning English as of today, but I believe that none of you will try and pour out oil and oxygen combined to condemned this thread.