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Damion Duriel Rogue Lvl 61 Nox

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Tonight I could find a handful of hazel tress but not one ash. And the hazel only in the forest. So, I fixed it with the kindness of a Mister Leather, if I remember his name properly, and a friend of his getting me started. I might have missed some here and there and I don't think I got the edge of the mountains coast but I planted trees in every available spot I saw in the following:ainela, astrub forest, astrub fields, fishermans hamlet, astrub mountains, and astrub city
I might have missed some...
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So i did something foolish. I thought after my long departure from the game i had just forgotten that i had a shadow sidekick. Started leveling him up. Low and behold it was a free trial. Now I decided just to buy him. How long does it take a purchased sidekick to appear in game?

Thanks again
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Thanks everyone who has welcomed me as an old n00b. I actually created an account about 3 years ago, played a few weeks with a friend and then life got crazy. Didn't log back in until a few days ago.

 I remembered some game play aspects like my beloved Rogue firewall, you will be missed, but not much else. So thanks again for the help, it looks like the game changed substantially.

All this to ask another question. I have these 'krosmaster' figurines. Did some searching. They seem to be an item...