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Dragonev Iop Lvl 178 Rubilax
Manekiko Ecaflip Lvl 79 Rubilax
Kalderan Huppermage Lvl 47 Rubilax
Jerichrono Xelor Lvl 40 Rubilax
Sra'Giselle Sram Lvl 38 Rubilax
Razor Rex Ouginak Lvl 38 Rubilax
Yugahari Eliotrope Lvl 38 Rubilax
Sangwyn Sacrier Lvl 38 Rubilax
Elysiara Cra Lvl 38 Rubilax
Jules Tiberius Foggernaut Lvl 37 Rubilax

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This is a topic that really needs some clarity, as I am absolutely stumped in my extensive testing on how precisely Archmonsters are spawned and what, if anything affects this time.

In a recent changelog, it was stated that a maximum of 4 Archmonster instances can be spawned on a map at any given time. It was stated in this same post that "spawn timer" for Archmonsters was 1 hour for 1-50, 2.5 hours for 51-140, 4 hours for 141+. However, it was not clarified specifically what these timers referred...