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Pandawa Lvl Omega 75 Echo
Concilium Germanicum
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Yesterday I fell victim to a phishing scam. Yes I'm embarrassed by it, and yes I should have seen it coming. But someone in the game told me some game news about a new tournament coming up and some [REDACTED] that every account would get prior to the tournament. He told me to google it... I did. All I wanted to do was read the news... wasn't looking for anything shady. The google result looked exactly like the official dofus website... exactly. I've never seen a phishing scam before and in that particular...
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This is a pretty simple suggestion, and maybe others have said something before, but why the heck are idols classified in the resource category? This means that every time I run to the bank to empty my pack of collected resources, I bank all my idols if I click "Transfer all visible items" in the resource tab. It is either that, or transfer items one stack at a time, so either way, I'm in for some hunting and clicking every single time I bank.

This is ridiculously annoying! Classify idols as equipment...
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Hey, so I understand the rest of the compensation package, but what are Tofukaz, why do I want x 5 of them, and what do I do with them? Also, where do I even access them in game? I haven't found mine yet since the compensation packages were distributed. Are they equipment, resources, useable items... what the heck are they? lol.