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This is a pretty simple suggestion, and maybe others have said something before, but why the heck are idols classified in the resource category? This means that every time I run to the bank to empty my pack of collected resources, I bank all my idols if I click "Transfer all visible items" in the resource tab. It is either that, or transfer items one stack at a time, so either way, I'm in for some hunting and clicking every single time I bank.

This is ridiculously annoying! Classify idols as equipment...
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Hey, so I understand the rest of the compensation package, but what are Tofukaz, why do I want x 5 of them, and what do I do with them? Also, where do I even access them in game? I haven't found mine yet since the compensation packages were distributed. Are they equipment, resources, useable items... what the heck are they? lol.
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Hiya! Looking for a Royal Pippin Blop Amulet to complete my set... can't seem to find one for sale. If anyone has one they'd be willing to sell, that would be great! I'm looking to spend 250kk to 300kk, depending on str and vit stats. Thanks!