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Member since 2006-04-17


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Last login: 2019-07-18


Sram Lvl Omega 162 Echo
Sram Lvl 44 Temporis II

Activity on the dofus Forum

4 300
 Quest:  The Livid Hearts
NPC:  Raval the Terrible
Location:  Bethel's Tower, Livid Heart Room [-48, -82]

Maybe this is just me being picky but an American English spelling of Defence would be "Defense"
1 96
During the quest Laud Aure Quiet we click on a scroll to read a story.  3rd paragraph down on the scroll should read "She noticed that the god loved to recline"  not "loved recline."  
2 317
I have a question about the rewards for this event:  

Leaderboard and Other RewardsThat's already excellent, even essential, but it's not all. Because winning is good, but it's even better when everyone knows about it! A specific leaderboard will therefore be set up. It's up to you to do your utmost to climb to the top and receive additional rewards: titles and subscriptions!Here are all the rewards that will be handed out based on the leaderboard:In addition, the first 100 players from each...