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Subtronic Sadida Lvl 142 Remington
Huxta Foggernaut Lvl 127 Remington
Karmatic Cra Lvl 119 Remington
Darkniss Feca Lvl 113 Remington
Knatty Sacrier Lvl 110 Remington

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I have the fund to go tri, but i am not sure what combination of spells/points are the best for the class. I have heard that dolls are the way to go when it comes to pvp. (1v1 or group) I am level 138, but new to this class.

What should i put my points into for int/str/cha/agi?

Recommended armor bonuses? (single target/distance/aoe, etc)
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I have recently just started a sac. I'm level 76 and I am using fire and earth. However I'm going more for damage than tank (with passives like anger, carnage, etc.) And enjoy player versus player battle. I feel like sac has a lot of potential, but I'm unsure if I want to go fire/air at lvl 80 or keep it the same. I could really use some guidance from more experienced sac users!

thanks so much!

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So i was reading that you can get 8 control and summon 2 summons of your own level is this true? As well, does control effect summon damage? if not, what does? If someone could just explain to me how control works and how many i should generally have that would be awesome.

btw, what is a good gear set for the for the 65-70ish area? thanks