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Is there anyway to view my own topics/posts and to view posts that haven't been answered or topics that have been newly posted on?

Thanks for the help hhhh
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Well I've seen my first Frigost bot today on server Rosal. Its currently at [-77, -42] on Frigost. Its running back and forth and you can tell it is f2p because if you try to exchange it, it gives you the "Botsname" is not a full member. That action is impossible." message.

Any mod mind logging Rosal and banning this thing? Thanks
By Dagoroth - 2012-12-12 00:56:01 in Suggestion Box
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When transferring our resources and items in general, a large description box gets in the way and we are not able to see what is going to be switched over to the person or bank account we are transferring our stuff to as we are clicking them.

The dialog box that pops up when we are going to quickly is annoying enough but the new window giving us the info about what the estimated value of the batch and items is just too much.