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Heya So im a pretty inexperienced dofus player(never made it past lv130) and i started to play sram. Theres a lot of guides but with the updates i dont really know which one is up to date(most arent) so it'd be great if someone could help out. Im currently str but im gonna change to agi when i get con. I need some suggestions for an agi build around lvl110 smt like that. And id love to hear some tips for playstile and that and spell leveling. Thanks for any help 
By DaenerysDragonborn - 2015-12-21 15:08:39 in General Discussion
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So if I buy a pet that has full characteristics but is starved (-100 meals) do i have to feed him? Will he lose hp points if i dont?
Bottom line: Do i have to feed a pet that already has max points in whatever?