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By Czerem - 2019-11-18 16:37:06 in DOFUS Retro
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Haven’t herd much on it since last retro update but it would be nice if they divide them up between English and French players. Very frustrating when I want to group up and can’t understand my teammates because they’re all French. Wish I had joined alagath server but was already 30 levels in on Bilby when I found out alagath was where most English players went. so I stuck on Bilby and I am now currently level 60. Loving the old retro feeling But think English community needs their own server...
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Come join the gold fish. This is a new guild. Having a hard time finding English players on this server? No problem shoot me a message in game to join. Hoping to expand and have a very active English only speaking guild with future events, rewards, discord and many other ways to connect! Shoot me a message on here or in game character name is: Dank
By Czerem - 2019-10-07 22:49:34 in DOFUS Retro
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will this ever happen?