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Hi everyone,

Recently I've  tried to rediscover the game with some of my older accounts. However, I've run in some trouble and I'm not exactly sure if this is a bug, or if I'm just missing something.

I've done the quest to receive the "message from Fallanster". I know that this should lead to the main questline in Pandala. However, before the Astrub revamp I'd already completed that part of the questline. I wanted to see if I could 'deliver' the letter anyway (since I didn't get a quest accompagnied...
By Current - 2018-01-20 13:47:10 in Suggestion Box
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Hi everyone,

I know that it probably wasn't part of the wishlist of most people during Christmas, but I do feel like there is an issue that I want to adress. The mechanics of raising pets.

I've been playing Dofus for quite a long time now and I've always been busy with breeding and raising pets. However, I do feel that with every patch pets become more obscure. The time you invest in raising them, doesn't really match up to the competition for selling them. There isn't much demand to them as mounts...
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Hi everyone,

With the arrival of Ouganiks the quest 'An Excessive Baker's Dozen' seems to have taken things a little too far. I already started to dislike the length of this quest when there were even less classes (I think Foggernaut was already alot, but at least his position was convienent). However the quest really get overboard with having to deal with another dopple. I'm not even sure whether this extra dopple is compensated in the quest reward, but nonetheless this quest has become a drag...