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Cuddlebeam Osamodas Lvl 165 Remington
Guion Xelor Lvl 69 Elbor
Breadsaver Eniripsa Lvl 58 Remington
Cuddlebot Foggernaut Lvl 50 Remington
Portalbutt Eliotrope Lvl 47 Remington
Plastic Love Feca Lvl 45 Remington
Dorani Eniripsa Lvl 19 Elbor

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By CuddleBeam - 2018-04-29 11:54:11 in Brakmar
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Hello! I am Cuddlebeam, a new politician for Brakmar! After serving Okashika's Government as Treasurer and now being in Rori Pego's as Challenger, I'd like to continue in office and help out in the future - so I made this page to introduce myself for future Governors and to you, the Brakmarian people! 

I think Rori Pego's questions for accepting me into their government work excellent to give a general idea, here they are for you:What is your interest in government? I just enjoy playing political/social...