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I've been looking for Dagger manics and Harry boots in Rushu markets, but sadly they seem to be nonexistent.

So if anyone has 1 or the other with good stats and is willing to sell, pm me in game: stussie

If anyone is able to craft and mage to good stats, I'm willing to pay the appropriate amount
By Cstax - 2016-09-28 06:14:40 in Markets of Rushu
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Looking for Paperb hat preferably with good Vit, wis, and int 251-300 vit 21-40 wis 31-50 int 401-600 initiative [*]Rest of the stats do not matter to me

Drop a comment below, or pm me in game! Ctstax/Character name is Stussy
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Like the title says, I've been gone for awhile. I came back to a completely different game. Pretty much with a blank friends list. I feel like everyone and their alt accounts are lvl 200 lol so I'm just wondering if there's any solo players out there still?

I'm currently lvl 133, looking to grind with people around my level. Let's play the game together!