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So I know your team is working on an Incarnum revamp. I just thought I would put in some of my thoughts on what I would include apart from adjusting for the Arena's system.

- Teach players how to use chat and chat filters (new players often only know how to talk in general chat)

- Teach players how to use all the different icons involved in the menu (the current tutorial just goes over a few) and in better detail. New players often don't understand how to find recipes for professions nor do they...
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Although I'm neutral to Ankama shutting down No Emu, I am very worried on the effect it will have on our servers, particularly the international ones. Although solo players are applauding this change, I don't think they are fully understanding the gravity of what could happen. The international servers were already in bad shape; only 15k players in Dodge and Grandapan respectively of whom many were multiaccounted through no emu. Moreover, the active player base among those were already declining....
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Not much to say here, it simply doesn't work for Dofus Touch at all. It would be comforting if it worked..