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After the update Balance to the Force changed how are characteristics points from scrolls adding, so these additional points have no influence on distributing basic characteristics points.

Then why mechanics of the Magical Orb didn't changed too? Why the Orb resets only basic points but erase points from scrolls? It gives no sence Why should someone wants to erase points from scrolls after the update. (And pay for it).

Magical Orb should reset (no erase) addtional points too or just let them unmodified.

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Hi. I'm not very satisfied with the new feature of downloading maps for save time of loading maps. Because of this:Download speed is very slow. Almost 5 hours of estimated time to download 2GB. Max speed of downloading is 1.6Mb/s but mostly under 1Mb/s so 125KB/s. It's a far far from my max dowload speed. "Please note that the download will pause while your app is in the background"  Oh, What?! I have to run the game on screen for 5 hours?! And I can't even play game because if I close download...
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Character name: Marox
Date and time: Any (first time noticed: 8. February 2017 roughly 15:30 CET)
Map: Any
Server: Dodge
Bug description: 
    If I click on any cell near to the left corner of world in the world map, the game UI freezes. I'm not able to interact with anything in the game after that. But ambient music continues in playing. I have to restart the game.
Reproducibility process: 
    Click anytime and anywhere you are on the cell near to the left corner of world in the world map....