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Hi everyone, below is a link to an exomaged piece of gear.
MushMush Wedding Ring Link

I've been baffled as to how this is possible and I've looked all over the place in search of how to exomage negative stats onto an item and the purposes of doing so?
Does the negative exomaging add more sink into an item to allow easier positive exomaging? (Regardless of whether or not the item receives more sink I would still like to know how it is done)

If anyone can please help with this I would be very grateful,...
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I'm curious as to why the "Epic" server Shadow does not have its own subforum in the servers section?

It would be nice to be able to advertise trading and guilds that are recruiting, etc.
Since the server seems to be smaller than most I think it would help the server out or do the devs consider it a waste of forum space/bandwidth?

Any answers would be appreciated