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Member since 2012-06-10


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Sram Lvl 62 Echo

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Struggling to get a crafting profession leveled, anyone else having the same problem?
By Coxxyboy1 - 2016-04-26 10:52:22 in Meetings
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Wondering if there are any players in Western Australia, preferably Perth Region that would like to have a talk on skype and meet in person in the city or something one day and just become good mates through this game.

If anybody is interested in meeting new people HMU whenever you feel like it.

P.S I do have friends but i thought hopefully i'd meet someone through online just because none of my friends play 'Dofus' that live in Perth.

Kind Regards.
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Hey guys it Fall-Yii on solar just wanting to know how i can get my rating up when it is 19!!!! i cant find a match i have ran all over the map but i still cant figure it out.

If some one could tell me how to fix this i will give you a high five


P.S this game is the best