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So the reason I play Wakfu is because I watched the show on Netflix and I fell in love with this show and am excited to be apart of the Wakfu World!!


Starrform Cra Lvl 15 Nox
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Is there going to be a season four? I’m confused about this because it said wakfu ended at 2017. Then again it also said that season four was supposed to be released 2018 in December. If there will be a season what do you think will happen?
By Cowsforlife - 2019-07-22 22:13:36 in Overall
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Hi I just need some help. I just started playing wakfu, and I’m gonna play Dofus. But which ones better?
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You remember the baby from the end of season 3? What is the name of this babe? What do you think they’ll name the babe?