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Apple Juice Eniripsa Lvl 200 Nox
Sticky Juice Cra Lvl 196 Nox
Strange Juice Feca Lvl 195 Nox
Keroppi Rogue Lvl 162 Nox
Funky Juice Pandawa Lvl 98 Nox
Ricepudding Masqueraider Lvl 36 Nox
Strangejuice Ecaflip Lvl 29 Remington
Winterjuice Cra Lvl 27 Remington
Valulu Sram Lvl 26 Remington
Powdered Donut Eniripsa Lvl 22 Remington
Luna Noona Ouginak Lvl 18 Remington

Activity on the wakfu Forum

By Cossettechi - 2017-03-08 05:33:57 in Trade
4 932
Hello!!! Figured I would post this since randomly people still ask me for crafts and such. 

If you need some supplies just let me know as well! 

Have all workshops and everything maxed. Working on getting more recipes. Bag is always located right next to kelba marketboard!! Just look for the little ogrest bag. 

(or if I am not in that location just shoot me a pm (AppleJuice or discord: AppleJuice#3285 ) and we can arrange to meet up)

Farmer: 143
Fisherman: 138
Herbalist: 140
LumberJack: 144
By Cossettechi - 2016-10-22 22:18:13 in Trade
0 471
Looking for 4 crafting stations: Armorer - Tailor - CC Weapons - Distance Weapons

pm me in-game for prices

By Cossettechi - 2016-09-24 02:35:52 in Trade
5 989
Decided to finally watch the walking dead soooo I will be afk farming a lot. SOOOOOOOOOOOO given that fact I figured IF you have any matts you need gathered contact me~


Regular matts: 300 kamas per each one
Shiny matts: 7,000 kamas per each one (herbs/trees/fish/farmer) & 15,000 kamas per ore
(keep in mind they are hard to grab sooo might take a bit)

other payment arrangements can be made as well.

I'm max in all gathering and almost all maxed in all professions (chef excluded) so...