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Masqueraider Lvl Omega 50 Draconiros
Heavenly Knights
Osamodas Lvl Omega 16 Draconiros
Forgelance Lvl Omega 12 Draconiros
Eliotrope Lvl Omega 4 Draconiros
Rogue Lvl 190 Draconiros
Ouginak Lvl 64 Draconiros

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Spellslayers are back with a fresh new coat of paint! 

It is very obvious that Ankama put a lot of effort and work into the temporis, because there's a lot of things that had to be programmed from scratch to make this work. 

I quite liked the idea of the original spellslayers, dropping spells from mobs and getting spells that you normally wouldn't be able to use with one another. In addition, the passives given to each class also really spices up the gameplay quite a lot. Coupled with the general...
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The fight goes as normal, until it changes the barriers for the second time so that its just a single line stretching across the middle of the map. At this point, the Symmetron will crash the game and when I load back in I no longer have the MP bonus, so I don't have the MP to get on the required cell to continue the fight.
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So, I'm biased in saying this since I play on a solo-account server. On multi-account servers, because their population is quite a bit smaller, this isn't as bad. However on more populated servers, like Draconiros, this aspect of the game is extremely toxic.

I'm sure you've all seen them. People standing in a patch of grain, or a vein, or some trees, and their only purpose for them to be there is to harvest that resource the instant it respawns. In the mean time, while they wait, the aren't doing...