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Currently what happens to leave a treasure hunt is:You click the X button. If you're still in cooldown there will be a message saying: Impossible: finish your current mission, or wait 10 more minute(s). You'll have to have the Treasure hunt window occupying space in your window (even if collapsed, a large bar will be there).
What I suggest is to be able to leave the treasure hunt by clicking on the X button even if it is on cooldown, and show the message Impossible: finish your current mission, or...
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I am not sure if this was made on purpose by Ankama so we would move to their launcher, but I constantly crashed every day several times when playing through the normal Dofus launcher. Seriously, I hated it.

I decided to format my laptop because it was clustered with college stuff that I do not need anymore (and no, this wasn't the reason of the fix) and instead of downloading Dofus like I always did, I downloaded the Ankama Launcher instead and downloaded/installed Dofus through there.

Guess what.

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For those of you who do not know, this is one of the emerald quests.

The Cania Bandits needs you to search for three rare monsters (each in their own area) and kill them for a scale with 100% drop rate.

The problem lies on those mobs being rare, as once they are killed they have a spawn between 6 and 18 hours.

A main quest should be something that allows the player to progress through it if they are strong enough, and not something that allows you to progress only if you are able to be lucky...