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Ok... this happened about a week ago and I thought there was a problem with my computer. I will explain with some screenshots.

I logged on early before work to find out -----------

The first time i saw this message i freaked out...... to the best of my knowledge I have no reason to be banned, I don't pvp, I manage one of the largest guilds in Rushu, and I avoid all reasons one could be pinned for abuse.

Sooo.. Clicking to find out why I was banned led me to-------

Everything seems in order...
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Ive been noticing this a lot recently, and i am trying to find out if its a bug or just the way the system works.

Preferred defenders getting kicked from perc defenses, leaving chars, without this right, in them. I was told from those who were kicked that they had a slight amount of lag but nothing unusual for them, and they were not in a dungeon at the time. Is it a bug? Or does amakna take into consideration lag times, dc history, ip addresses?

I am confused, i thought the preferred defender...