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Haven't posted in a long time... New thread, so decided to post these random drawings since I have a long Easter weekend. Comments/Criticism would be nice.
These take 10 minutes or so and are hand drawn with a pen on paper. Scanner didn't work so I am taking pictures with my potato camera.

(Guild member told me to draw this. It's a Wa Wabbit - I think).

(And that's my Sacrier, LOL).

(Guild member - RIZA, riding a dragon, and killing a random boss).

(And this is a random drawing RIZA...
By ColiWobbles - 2012-10-09 22:58:56 in Markets of Solar
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Looking for 11CH or 12CH.
Pm me offers in game or post here.

- Spirit
By ColiWobbles - 2012-10-01 02:15:36 in Problems and solutions
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Is this meant to be happening, or is it just me? :-D
Happens every other time I start moving.

- Spirit