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Now this suggestion may be hated by many people but I feel like getting it out there. Now in order to not abuse this feature it would be a slight Ogrine expense, maybe around 4000, and it would only be usable maybe once or twice a year. With this idea one would be able to put a "halt" on their subscription time. This idea would be extremely useful to the military playerbase because they would be able to pause their subscription while they are on a tour of duty.
What it does:
~ Through the use of...
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Ever get the feeling that the suggestions you and all your friends are putting so much work and thought into are not being heard?
Well have i got the suggestion for your suggestions! :3
Perhaps once a week, bi-week, or month an "Open Mic night" with the Devs on the IRC. (I think that is the name of the chat program where you can talk with mods? I'm not really sure never used it because I don't have a Mic)
Now during this "Open Mic Night" people will be able to share with the Devs some of the best...
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I thought they were supposed to have fixed this but on numerous occasions today my Red Wyrmling Attacked a creature, did no damage, and then unbewitched it. Correct me if I am wrong but I thought that some changelog said that this was supposed to have been fixed? If not I'd like to point out that this seriously needs some correction. I mean it is bad enough that an Osa has to pay 7AP for the dumbest summon AI in the game but it can't even do one simple thing right? It can't be that hard to fix for...