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By Coentie - 2015-06-18 11:39:23 in General Discussion
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Hey players,

I'm having huge trouble with defeating Toxoliath. I read wiki, read up on all the monsters and read some sram tumblr thing.

I mean the first few rounds all go well and stuff, until one the chars of my team dies by a posion and I have no clue where thats comming from.
So I was hoping some of you could advice me what to do / what to look out for in that dungeon.

A few examples of what happened and I don't understand why:
1. Eni had the purple posion of Toxo. Didn't hit toxic once,...
By Coentie - 2015-05-05 19:08:41 in Professions
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Hey players ^^,

I took quite the break from dofus and now I'm back. I always loved proffesions.
The thing I like doing most was crafting runes. (making the good rune recipes, crushing them, and selling)

buuuuut a lot of things seem to have changed with doing that. I can't really find what exactly changed.
If anybody could talk me through that I would appreciate that.


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