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Caviar Cra Lvl 175 Pandora
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Does anyone have any educated guesses? Judging by the Aerafal treasury, for example, I would assume there must be at least 15B on the server. I have no idea whether this is low or high.

I would love to hear what you guys think, and perhaps a mod can shed some light on the matter.

Also, what sort of conversion rate would you feel applies to Wakfu/Dofus? That is, is 1mil on Wakfu the equivalent of 1mil on Dofus? If not, share your thoughts.
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I guess we all knew this was coming.
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After having run hardcore flaxhid 500 times, as well as normal flaxhid another 200 times, and having pouched the boss in 95% of the runs, I can safely confirm to those who had qualms about it, that the emblems are, in fact, unpouchable.

That said, it is possible to drop more than one emblem per fight.

Happy hunting.