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I've been gone from wakfu since 2015, only having returned very recently, and I've bee noticing a trend with all three of the bosses that I've fought so far: complete absence of any kind of information.

First, the treechnid dungeon. Reaching the boss, we decided to attack on of his hands. Upon killing it, the entire team instantly died with not as much as an animation or any explanation of any kind. We were dumbfounded.

Next, the lenald dungeon. There was no way for us to know that the boss hits...
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So, pretty much everyone has recieved 100 compensation tokens, wether they actually deserved it or not. You can, apparently, use those tokens to get 50 transmutation stones for free. Now, i primarily make kamas by selling said transmutation stones, which makes me wonder.... sigh... How long will it be before enough compensotokens are used up so that the demand on transmutation stones increases enough for me to be able to sell my stones at a decent price again?

Thankfully, i was also logged on all...
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I have 180 tokens, i want a wolf mount. Where is that "meridian effect" quest at? Why do i even have to do that? 180 days is not enough?