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How "Freemium" would you consider Wakfu at this point in time? How much content is locked if you refuse to pay? I'm not concerned with the other advantages, just the idea of being unable to do things without paying. If I recall, the majority of people quit Wakfu at release for that reason.

Also will there be a monoaccount server at some point? I think multi-accounting, the hero & sidekick system is counter intuitive for an MMO.
By Cloud-Dark - 2016-11-26 11:46:04 in General Discussions
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So out of curiosity, as a returning player my (fond) memories of Wakfu PVP was fighting over islands alongside my faction in epic wars. My mates and I loved that. I thought I read somewhere that it might be making a return, in one of the letters to the community.

So I'm wondering what the PvP scene is like now and if you think it will improve in the future?
By Cloud-Dark - 2016-02-10 11:15:24 in Role Play
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Hello, I'm a returning player and avid role-player. I've always wanted to try out RP on Wakfu, I can fix my style to meet the on-going trend, and I'm pretty much up for anything. I was wondering if there are any current active RP guilds or hub locations, or if there are any story-lines going on I could take part of.