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Sadida Lvl 155 Echo
Dr Bonejams
Osamodas Lvl 153 Echo
Dr Bonejams

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I'm doing an Ohwymi Quest called Just Desert, in the first area, and it's currently telling me to investigate a cactus plantation, only I can't find any interact-able items on the map, and can't really figure out what to do.
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I restarted the client, multiple times. I restarted my computer, then re-installed the client. This is after buying some orgrine stuff and getting a Sufokian Seemyool Harness. I assign the gifts, and when I check the characters, the gifts aren't in their inventory. They're just stuck in a weird gift limbo thing.
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It's the most unfun thing ever, getting on kolo as a 161, and losing to no other reason than my team was 200, 200, 161 vs 200, 200, 200. Literally JUST had 2 group fights at 171, 173, 161, and we had 2 fights where we were up against a 200, 199 and 160-something. It just ended it with us not playing anymore, since despite being straight up better players, they just had levels and gear that way overpowered us.

This is a long time coming. I don't think a single player enjoys getting pitted against...