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Member since 2011-04-24


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Status : Former subscriber
Last login: 2019-08-13


Masqueraider Lvl 164 Echo
Dr Bonejams
Sadida Lvl 155 Echo
Dr Bonejams
Osamodas Lvl 153 Echo
Dr Bonejams
Xelor Lvl 147 Echo
Feca Lvl 102 Echo
Huppermage Lvl 102 Echo

Activity on the dofus Forum

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I'm doing an Ohwymi Quest called Just Desert, in the first area, and it's currently telling me to investigate a cactus plantation, only I can't find any interact-able items on the map, and can't really figure out what to do.
4 468
I restarted the client, multiple times. I restarted my computer, then re-installed the client. This is after buying some orgrine stuff and getting a Sufokian Seemyool Harness. I assign the gifts, and when I check the characters, the gifts aren't in their inventory. They're just stuck in a weird gift limbo thing.
23 1963
It's the most unfun thing ever, getting on kolo as a 161, and losing to no other reason than my team was 200, 200, 161 vs 200, 200, 200. Literally JUST had 2 group fights at 171, 173, 161, and we had 2 fights where we were up against a 200, 199 and 160-something. It just ended it with us not playing anymore, since despite being straight up better players, they just had levels and gear that way overpowered us.

This is a long time coming. I don't think a single player enjoys getting pitted against...