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Thinking of returning to dofus with 0 kamas, but i still have a few of my level 200 harvesting professions. I'm planning to start from level 1 with minimal leeching, so which class is the best to play solo. I've never tried a fogger before and wish to try one but unsure if they are good to start out with solo.

All suggestions appreciated, thanks.
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Im suggesting class based emotes for level 200, for example the criminal emote looks like it suits the sram class. Maybe for the iop class it spawns a massive sword which is on fire i dunno, just an example.
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I've been playing dofus for a few years now, and its been a long time since i had nothing, but im just wondering with the state of the game as it currently is, how do new players do it? It's hard to get kamas for a new player and fights nor quests generate alot. The price of food/bread etc is rising due to proffession changes, gear is exspensive when you reach the high end levels. Proffessions also take too long to level until you see yourself making a profit in them. Gear doesnt even drop from monsters......