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So the last achievement that I need for Mission Impossible is Giant Kralove Nomad. I want to know if the water tentacle's turn skip causes nomad to fail. I've seen video where it seems to not fail the achievement, however I have other sources telling me that it would fail it.

I really don't want to spend all the effort opening kralove just to fail the nomad achievement, so it'd be wonderful if a dev could chime in and let me know how this mechanic works.
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Am I missing something? This seems like an obvious feature that should exist. I'm genuinely curious to know why it doesn't exist yet. There's nothing more boring and frustrating than being forced to sit through a kolo match that is already decided. 
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I understand these things can get muddled in translation, but the description for the abyssal dofus is a bit of a grammatical mess.

It is currently worded "At the start of each turn, if no characters are next to them, gives 1 MP. Otherwise, gives 1 AP. "

I think the following change would be a great improvement:

"At the start of each turn, if no characters are next to the bearer, gives 1 MP. Otherwise, gives 1 AP. "