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Ok So trying to run Kitsoune dung for key master quest. And Its buggy!!! 2nd path Once you get into the next room when you step on the slab It will kick you from the game!! At first I thought it was the server or someother crazy act of Dofus going on but after getting all kinds of insane... I went back AGAIN & its just bugged.. if you step on the slab... you get dc'd!! you can wall anywhere in that room but on that pretty rock!! So I guess I'll go work on something else until that's fixed....
By Chromoz - 2011-02-20 00:01:13 in Off Topic Discussion
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I'm back here on the forums. Just gotta remember to check daily.. I don't play much in-game anymore, I play on Xbox Live mostly, but doesn't mean I can't talk to you awesome few on the forums ;D