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Definitely staying now with the new Rosalfest Tourney we have and will repeat (72mil Prize Pool currently), I find even more reason to stay on Rosal.

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There has already been one of those Polls/Questionnaires/research done looking into this, apparently. From what I remember of Izmar mentioning in IRC; Rosal was the #1 Server people wanted to move to, with Rushu dead last. More specifics I can't remember. Maybe Izmar could post those...
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As a level 200 eni, I welcome the changes to my class, and I always have done in every update.

I'm not sure of other level 190-200 eni's, but I'm near enough invincible, I haven't lost a 1 on 1 PvP battle in around 6 months or something, right now the only class that can beat me, is an Iop getting a nearly perfect roll on wrath, or a level 200 iop getting in a wrathing me (3000+hp ~25% earth res).

Talking of the Wrath change, about time, I'm fed up of seeing iops in PvP revolving around 1 tactic,...