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By Chikoo2 - 2019-02-11 13:31:19 in Bugs and troubles on mobile
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My smartphone a Huawei Mate 20 updated to Android and emui version 9.0.

Since Android update sound's game sound like with "lag" and burst.

I cleaned cache and uninstall the app but the issue continue and this is the only app that have the problem.

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Hello, today I was in a ranked versus Eniripsa god game, I was using the god Zurkarak / Ecaflip (irrelevant to the bug).The problem is as follows, the opposing player plays the "Cheerful Peacemaker" card which says that when an ALLIED MINION is healed, this card deals a point of damage to enemy minions.

The point is as follows, the opponent heals 3 times in the turn, the first time to an allied Dofus, triggereating the ability of Peacemaker, the second time to an allied minion, again triggereating...
By Chikoo2 - 2017-04-02 02:21:54 in General Discussion
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I recently reached Phase 3 of the draft and the rewards were 96 gold and one bronze booster

It's kind of a joke, pay 120 gold to get a return of 96 + 60 (price of the bronze booster), I think you should evaluate the rewards , because is not convenient to play draft mode.