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Exodus Ruby Foggernaut Lvl 124 Nox
Clover Ruby Ouginak Lvl 123 Remington
Arya Ruby Eniripsa Lvl 123 Remington
Wernda Ruby Huppermage Lvl 123 Remington
Saphyrie Ruby Sadida Lvl 121 Nox
Ziggy Ruby Enutrof Lvl 109 Remington
Faris Ruby Ecaflip Lvl 79 Remington
Chelcee Ruby Enutrof Lvl 65 Nox
Daravor Ruby Sacrier Lvl 22 Nox
Hratli Ruby Feca Lvl 5 Nox

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By Chetar - 2014-01-14 13:51:35 in Foggernaut
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So I'm building a stasis fogger. So far so good, but I'm at a very stick decision point. I'm statted 1ap, 1mp, currently, with a lot of left over points. I can't decide what will serve me better in the long run.

Do I go 2AP, 1MP, then rest in crit hits, or stay at 1MP, 1AP, and the rest in crit hits (upto cap I guess.)

Any recommends would be appreciated (reasoning behind your opinion would be fantastic too!)