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By Chestox - 2018-01-19 10:14:49 in Suggestions
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It would be nice to have videos of elemental spells, support spells and passives of each character classes so that new players will able to choose which class they want to play. Its kind a like in League of Legends in which they show the champion's spells and passive.
By Chestox - 2016-06-19 07:55:22 in General Discussions
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I really want to see a new weapon equipment in the game.

As far as we know, we already have following:

One-Handed Swords Wands Bows Cards Daggers Two-Handed Swords One-Handed Staff Two-Handed Staff Axes Hammers Shovels Javelin[*]Here are some examples of the weapons I thought about.

Guns - 6 range single target attack in a straight line. Cannons - same range as a bow but has an area target attack Blow guns - Same range as Cards weapons with single target attack buts darts contains Status ailments...
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This question is just an opinion. Choose one of the following answer of this question and explain why you choose that answer.

Which is a better way to level up elemental spells?

Keep spamming the same spells til it levels up Use Spell Lock to distribute experience to a certain spell If you level up, all spells will be based on that level (For example: You level up to 160, all elemental spells will automatically be level 160)Please be constructive.