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Anyone have any idea when Rosal will be back up and running??? I've looked on all of the sites & don't see any thing posted as to why it is down again. *hits head against the wall*
By CherokeePrincess - 2013-10-30 21:03:01 in Rosal
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(A lot of info I am using I am getting from old notes that are no longer on wikia)
Obtain mount tame spell from Koolich dungeon. Please don't make me explain this!! I will let you know to use the spell you'll need the cool nets found a few maps above the breeder zapp
(-17,0) & when attempt to catch a dragoturkey make sure that you have the net on in weapon slot & that you don't have a mount equipped. AND CAST MOUNT TAME SPELL !! And be ready for a long day of fighting the wild dragoturkey...
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Ok so, I'm not sure if anyone else is having this problem, but I tried to get dt's out of a paddock in cania plains paddock, and it will not let me click on the gate. I can take items out, move them, put items in, but I cannot get to my dt's inside the paddock! I relogged, and even tried it with a different account. The paddock gate is just not working. I have paddocks in a few different areas, including, brak/koalaks/frig & sidimote moors those all are working fine at the moment. So if...