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Hi everyone!
by lurking in the french forums trying to learn more about the upcoming update i noticed there were some changes that were not made available for the English-speaking community. Some of the more relevant changes include: the sharing of achievement rewards (mostly the resources) between all characters on a single server and the removal of the bonus for treasure hunts in areas with aggressive monsters (since nearly every area will be this was expected).

My original intention was to copy-paste...
By Chemo-Limo - 2017-06-21 14:04:47 in Feca
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Heya folks!
I am playing an int/str Feca (thinking of eventually going tri with agi or swapping one of the elements with agility to acquire the role of tank) playing exclusively PvE and I have dabbled for the past weeks with the idea of playing with two characters, which i decided would be either a Panda or an Enu (both of which would be chance, the panda would maybe be bi-element eventually) and I am torn between which of the two would synergize best with the Feca. On one hand, the Panda would help...
By Chemo-Limo - 2012-11-26 21:39:35 in Xelor
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Is it really worth levelling for a fire Xelor build? Dark Ray seems to be better in most ways:
The AP cost is the same at all levels
The damage is slightly better for Dark Ray
Dark Ray steals 1 Range which is good

The only thing is that Dark Ray is linear but does it really matter?