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Sumoki Ecaflip Lvl 168 Rubilax
Blue Amber Pandawa Lvl 166 Rubilax
Monokuro Foggernaut Lvl 166 Rubilax
Akadian Feca Lvl 57 Rubilax
Micaro Eniripsa Lvl 57 Rubilax
Miss-Masq Masqueraider Lvl 2 Pandora

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I drew this today uwu And i got this idea by my Senpai over at deviantart Next-Lvl :3c Where he drew a huppersram.
Also this is a semi Dofus and a Semi Wakfu ecaflip if someone was wondering :p.

Also yes thats an bow meow with wakfu markings / colours :p

This art and character belongs to me uwu my deviantart name is xGrimdark

Reposting this again from dofus forum :O i hope the mods don't mind it! Just sharing my art across the games uwu
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as the title say i bought 10 euro ogrines for the black wabbit costume and for booster
But after i bought it it didnt appear nor did it send a email to me? But i did buy it?o-o Does this normally happend should i just wait? Or should i report it? It never happend to me and normaly i already had it by now.

Any suggestions?

EDIT: i tried buying it again incase the transaction didnt go further and it appears now i got it double i am no so very confused :'D ahh well