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The Best Android APK Games of RPG Genre to Play in the Vertical Screen

If you want an easy-to-play mobile RPG, we suggest you the best Android APK games of RPG genre to play in the vertical screen. And you can get them free in apk sites.

According to modern trends, role-playing games, while not unique, also designed in the style of vertical screen and are therefore extremely convenient for mobile users.

These games now can be installed easily with free apk games downloaders or the apk play store or apk sites. 

Also, in the best android apk download site, you have everything like the best RPGs and all the latest APK for Android for free.

Therefore, you will enjoy the hot apps and apk games on your Android device.

And what’s more?

These apk sites examine all applications and apk games to download to make sure they are safe for your Android devices. You can also find complete user guides and reviews with hints and tricks for each app for your ease of use.

With the vertical screen RPGs you are looking for to play the most convenient on your Android phone, we provide you with a list of games including Knight Wars - The Last Knight, Dragalia Lost, Dungeon Warrior, Summoners Quest, Knights & Dungeons, and Infinity Alive.

Let’s download free APK for Android to enjoy these fantastic games in the vertical screen, friendly and easy-to-play in your smartphone.

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Knight Wars - The Last Knight

Knight Wars - The Last Knight impresses with Western-style 3D graphics to create a powerful and attractive character similar to MU Online. 

Next, the classic role-playing game and the trendy vertical screen style will bring exciting experiences. The game also focuses on investing in skill effects, great actions that make the battle more authentic and lively.

About the gameplay 

Knight Wars Mobile is like other role-playing games, and players will be in the underground adventure where they will gather equipment and beautiful wings, nurture pets, upgrade legendary weapons and enter many battlefields to become a great knight.

The special control mechanism in Knight War allows players to control only one hand but can manipulate many movements at the same time such as moving, dodging, and attacking.

Plus, the vertical screen design makes it easy for players to feel the action when using their hands to control every move, making their activities always very intense, without feeling boring although the gameplay is so familiar.

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Dragalia Lost

Dragalia Lost takes the player into a fantasy world where humans live together with dragons. Humans have now signed the treaty so that they can borrow the status of turning into the dragon during battle and increasing their power to face the monsters who are trying to harm them.

The game introduces you to the action assassin with a Japanese-style on the vertical screen. Here players will control a hero team of 4 characters, but you only control one character at a time, while the other three characters will automatically fight.

Let’s join the game free with the best site to download apk. 

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Dungeon Warrior

Access to the Warrior Dungeon, players easily recognize this game has fast gameplay and is similar to the new H5 game development. Specifically, the player moves in the map, fulfilling the simple requirements and getting equipment for the character.

With a vertical-screen game design, players can play one-handed games, yet still have the flexibility and control to navigate characters and move.

Unlike other action role-playing mobile games that show skill moves on the screen, in Dungeon Warrior you just touch the screen and the target continuously to create the beautiful and majestic combo of movement.

Dungeon Warrior also allows players to switch character classes, unlock new characters to have more fun experiences in a role-playing action game for entertainment purposes like this.

In the Dungeon Warrior, players will also be competing with all players around the world, joining guilds to interact with other players, fight guild bosses, and equip rare items.

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Summoners Quest

Summoners Quest is set in the world in collapse. Humanity is in danger, and players will be selected people trying to find a way to summon the heroes to rescue the world.

In this game, the iconic characters are designed by Takei Hiroyuki, the author of the classic comic book "Shaman King" to ensure that every hero has a high-value image! 

Besides, it's a revolutionary one-handed fighting system that breaks the traditional, classic way of enjoying the game at a higher level but is still extremely flexible and comfortable.

Knights & Dungeons

Knights & Dungeons provide a variety of sub-systems and equipment, allowing players to control and manipulate the touch screen freely. Because this game doesn't want to steer your gameplay, so you can try out each type of weapon, equip it and find the upgrade that suits you.

Knights & Dungeons own a gorgeous 3D graphics platform from a top-down perspective with an extremely easy-to-use vertical screen design that lets you flip through add-ons with a variety of enemies in one round. 

You can kill the monsters, collect the rewards and upgrade your level, equipment, keep going the hard level. Transforming into a brave warrior has never been so easy with apk games.

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Infinity Alive

You can see that Infinity Alive has a lot of similarities with Nonstop Knight, but with Western-themed graphics, the character is designed in more detail, not the chibi style like Nonstop Knight.

It's still familiar gameplay that can be wrapped up in a few short words: beat monsters, hit bosses, take money, repeat from the beginning. You have to develop your character forever while the monsters go on appear around you. 

You can say that this is the best handmade game when it comes to handy vertical screen design, so you have to put your hands on the virtual key system of the game to fly in the siege of the enemy. 

Which APK games of RPG genre do you choose to play?

Actually, you can try them all if you have lots of free time. Each game will bring you to a new world with fantastic characters and story.  

Besides, on the vertical screen which is suitable for mobile design, you can have more exciting and relaxing when you interact and move in the game. 

The best Android APK  games of RPG genre to play in the vertical screen is an ideal suggestion release stress after a long hard day of work.