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Kalin Toufou Xelor Lvl 164 Aerafal
Kalin Décis Eliotrope Lvl 133 Dathura
Kalin Parable Feca Lvl 128 Aerafal
Kalin Pensable Masqueraider Lvl 127 Aerafal
Kalin Trodou Eniripsa Lvl 125 Remington
Kalin Terrupteur Rogue Lvl 125 Aerafal
Kalia Neni Ecaflip Lvl 124 Dathura
Kalin Toufou Enutrof Lvl 122 Dathura
Kalin Buvable Pandawa Lvl 108 Aerafal
Renil Oloin Cra Lvl 92 Remington
Bodil Svenhild Eliotrope Lvl 90 Aerafal
Kalin Toufou Ouginak Lvl 80 Remington
Vilma Tove Huppermage Lvl 43 Dathura
Randi Signe Osamodas Lvl 43 Dathura
Astrid Alrune Ouginak Lvl 43 Dathura

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I need advices on how to build my ouginak because I cannot find what spells should I use, what passives, I feel like there are no obvious or big ways of playing an ouginak. I mean every elemental branches seem to be nice but as we cannot play all of them (at least not at my low level)  I really would love some more experimented ouginaks to tell me what different choices of builds there are.
So please, what are different ways to build a ouginak right now?

Thank you
Best regards