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First of all, let's make this an official kama making topic

Please don't say that merchanting and farmer and baker is good, everyone knows them already -.-"
and if you suggest a proffesion, tell us also WHAT to make/do in that proffesion to make some nice kamas
By ChaosSacrier - 2009-12-01 00:15:47 in Sacrier
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If you don't read my whole post and the quote, then don't bother to answer, thanks!

Read this first:

milodrahirth|2009-11-17 16:05:00Haha ^^ It's funny how people go and get owned in pvp, then come here screaming "OP OP!"
Look... Sacriers are not even close to overpowered right now. In any build and with any equipment.
A simple proof? Anyone can get the same 7mp and 10ap, and without a need to buff in order to get high stats. And without the limitation of range that sacriers have on every single...