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Dear ankama, try to do this quest fight on all classes and tell me how long it took you, because your suicidal ai flowers wont do the trick.
The outcome of this fight depends on starting positions too much, and as these starting positions change  once in a while you wont be able to finish this quest at all, 
Thanks for another broke and annoying quest content!
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Don't you just love the times in kolossium when you know you will lose the 3vs3 fight before its even started because opponents have one or two pillar classes and you have none? That's too bad my friend, because ankama doesn't give a shit. 
 Ankama releases op new spells for classes like sacrier/osa which hands down are the most op classes in this game and then they take HALF A YEAR to tune them down a little bit. Everyone plays osa or sacri because of this, but this isnt the only problem.