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Hi all,

I thought it would be fun to list and rank Dofus' most useless class spells. Please use the following formula:

1) Name of class spell

2) Why it is (nearly) useless

3) How it should be improved.

Who knows? The devs may even read this post and make some changes...

Happy to go first:

1) Picada, Masqueraider Class

2) Why it is (nearly) useless

At first glance, this spell might not look so bad - it is only 3ap, and it has modifiable range. But in reality, this is a spell I have never...
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Hi all,

So apparently I can't play Dofus anymore on my (admittedly old) Mac. Any way to get Dofus working on 10.5.8? Or shall I seek to get my money back?