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I confess that I was disappointed with the result when comparing the "winners" with the posts they made. I believe that Dofus really is not for me.
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Day off! 
After a difficult battle (I was alone in this one) against the quarrelsome king Wa Wabbit in search of the precious "Trophy Wa Wabbit Shield", nothing better than relaxing on the beach with my "snowball" cat, getting a tan and then surfing the wave of the sea. I've never see a cat if like the water so much! 

¡Día libre! 
Después de una batalla difícil (estaba solo en esta) contra el peleador rey Wa Wabbit en busca del precioso "Escudo Trofeo Wa Wabbit", nada mejor que relajarse...
By [Flatops] - 2017-03-13 17:00:00 in News
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"Bots" is a problem (plague) in all mmorpg games. The most effective way of fighting bots and attacking their "reason" exists and not them directly (because you block the account and the cheater goes there and does another one).
For example: Bots want to "make" kamas, so Ankama sells Kamas for Ogrimes; the players are already doing that, buyng kamas!
The "bots" already evolve the professions at most to sell the best items, so Ankama releases all professions soon, just having the "tool" and "work...