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By Cerabina - 2020-02-13 06:10:03 in General Discussions
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I thought about a little Challenge.

Thie Idea would be creating a new account and play as a single char Player from 1 to 200.
No Heroes, no Multi-Box and no Powerleveling by higher lvld friends/guild-mates.

And then stream it, or upload it on Youtube etc.

I would love to see that, considering there are some High Level Players who try to tell others that the Game is not grindy and you can easily reach 200 in like 2 weeks (was one of the claims i remember!).

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2 Days ago i decided to make a little experiment, basically to see how Wakfu currently feels and plays from the perspective from a new Player, who only plays with a single Character.

My Experience with the current Incarnam was quite pleasant, since i think it serves as a interesting starting area and also explains things somewhat decently. Though, those ability to change Classes up there... i don't know if it will really make that much. Since the first few tutorial Levels are not necessarily enough...