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Member since 2016-05-24


This is Cecet! Find me on the Nox server smile
Status: Subscribed
Last login: 2019-06-15


Veillette Cra Lvl 198 Nox
Cecet Masqueraider Lvl 197 Nox
Ajna Sacrier Lvl 195 Nox
Aureal Osamodas Lvl 191 Nox
Padweg Eliotrope Lvl 190 Nox
Zipdisk Foggernaut Lvl 43 Nox

Activity on the wakfu Forum

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I would like to move my most preferred units at the very left. It's nothing crazy. I just like putting things in order!  
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It seems to me with all the custom gears coming with enchantments and sublimations that the market, in its barebones state, is incredibly insufficient to deal with the wide variety of different gear that will be invented by the players. One piece of gear will vary wildly depending on what players customize it with. The market only being able to list one piece of gear that is the lowest price in it's particular quality bracket will not allow for other gear with niche stats (due to the enchantment...
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Signed up for recurring payments and I was charged but did not receive any gift box. When will these be distributed? 

It is not in either gift interfaces (in game or website)...

EDIT: this is my second month. I signed up last month!