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By [MOD]Wish - 2008-11-10 16:33:03 in Suggestion Box
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I am on Rushu and I have been wandering about Frigost Village. This is not usually worth the effort as there are hordes of bots and the mobs have rarely any stars. However, today it has been different. I have not seen any bots and the mobs have several stars.

I think Ankama's latest anti-bot strategy might just be starting to pay off. Still a few lumberjack bots running about - you know the ones, not a thread of kit on them - but this has got to be an excellent start.

Be interested to know how...
By [Nerodos] - 2014-02-17 12:16:57 in General Discussion
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I know these things do not appear on the calendar but, cirkey, where are the feca updates? All I hear are rumours and promises.

I am due to update my gear and don't want to do so until I know for sure what is different and what has been 'decaffeinated' and where there might be a 'double shot' (to stretch the word play to ridiculous levels).

Of course people are going to be annoyed but that is only because many want their character to be invincible and everyone else's, monsters included, to be...
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This guy is excellent and is the sidekick Lumino should have been. Voodryzl and Intoxication have proved to be particularly handy on a tight field.