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Rotwilder Ouginak Lvl 72 Rubilax
Hulura Foggernaut Lvl 71 Rubilax
Drippy Mcgee Feca Lvl 71 Rubilax
Lost Psychopath Masqueraider Lvl 36 Rubilax
Lost Ranger Cra Lvl 36 Rubilax
Lost Magi Huppermage Lvl 36 Rubilax
Storkatt Ecaflip Lvl 33 Rubilax
Deus Reprobi Eliotrope Lvl 7 Rubilax
Stolanet Rogue Lvl 6 Rubilax

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i've used several emails and sent them all a confirmation email. when i get the confirmation email i click the link and it sends me back to the homepage for wakfu and tells me that its still not confirmed. iv done it so  mant times that im starting to think this is a waste of time. im a p2p account and i demand this get fix please

this started last night after the back up of the servers. could it be that maybe it rolled back to when i wasnt confirmed and now the game cant confirm it because i acctually...